During the late 1950’s and 1960s, a group of criminals known as the Dixie Mafia began to creep across cities and towns in the South. Far from a sophisticated organization, this crime ring was a loose network of “thugs,” as the FBI called them. The group initially operated in Biloxi, Mississippi, but the group’s reach soon stretched across the south from Atlanta, Georgia to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The group found itself at home in the North Georgia mountains; a place where moonshiners already were firmly intrenched, even before Prohibition. Dawsonville Georgia becomes the nucleus for much of the activity, but extends it’s tenacles throughout North Georgia, including Dahlonega Georgia.

A secret room has been discovered with a body. Unexplained and malevolent paranormal activity is encountered by the local police investigators, so frightening that your paranormal team has been called in to solve the mystery and help.

Get Locked In!

Search for Clues!

Will you Escape in Time?

   *Recommend for ages 13 and older with parental discretion; mild adult content.

Tickets $20 each, recommended maximum capacity of four persons per session.

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