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What to expect on our Wine and Pub Crawl tours.


First time on a ghost tour? No worries. Bring your bravado, be ready to be scared but be skeptical too but, most importantly, bring a sense of open-mindedness and get ready to have a good time. Our tours offer more than just ghost stories, as our tour guides have become well-versed in Dahlonega’s substantial history, so even skeptics are sure to enjoy a walk through our historical town.

What should I bring?

On the pub and wine tours make sure to bring your ID's as you may be carded and asked for your ID. All of our wine rooms and pubs accept all major credit cards and cash is always happily accepted and may speed up checkouts.


Bring your flashlight and camera or smart phone. Many of our guests bring their cameras -- digital cameras tend to get the best results and are easiest to examine during and after a stop. Phone cameras often get results too but are less reliable and sometimes do not have the quality level to get good photos. Photos of old buildings and paranormal phenomena captured enhance your tour.

Oh, and don't forget to check-in on Facebook!

How should I dress?

​The Grapes and Ghost Wine Tour and Boos and Brews Pub Crawl are both less than a 1/2  mile walk, clocking in at about 2 to 2 ½ hours or longer.  We spend between 20 and 40 minutes at each stop. Please dress for your individual comfort, however, sneakers or a nice pair of walking shoes are recommended.


Be sure to check the weather beforehand. If it is raining, bring a raincoat, umbrella, or poncho.

When should I get there?

We are available, on site, about two hours before the tours start, but you are welcome to come early and enjoy the view from the porch -- a great spot for people watching. Please remember that these tours take a little longer to check in as we have to check your ID before we start out.

  • If you have paid in advance, no need to get to our location until 15 or 20  minutes before the tour

  • If you are purchasing tickets, please arrive at least 30 minutes before the tour

Our wine room, the Grapes and Ghosts Tasting Room is open before all of our evening tours and wine is available for purchase.

Should I make a reservation?

Absolutely. We highly suggest making a reservation. You can reserve by phone. However, if you want to assured of a spot on one of our tours, book online. It is especially important to make an advance reservation on the pub crawls and wine tours as we always notify our locations before the tour so they know to expect us. Tours may be cancelled if there are no advance reservations. Do note that our tours fill up particularly quickly in September and October (especially around Halloween).


Go to our TICKETS page for pricing, instructions, and recommendations.

What about inclement weather?

We conduct our tours in all weathers, except for dangerous or risky conditions like thunder and lightning.


  • If you think the weather conditions are going to be severe, please call, text or email us to confirm that we are going to have a tour

  • If we decide that conditions are too bad for a tour, and you either made a reservation and have your information, or have booked online, we will reach out to you.


We also post any cancellations on Facebook, and cancellation notices are also posted at the entrance to the building.


Please call or email us with any further questions!

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