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Here at Dahlonega Walking Tours...

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Penny Sharp

Penny Sharp is the part owner at Dahlonega Walking Tours, along with her son, Jeremy...

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Jeremy Sharp is the part owner at Dahlonega Walking Tours, along with his mother, Penny...

Jeremy Sharp


Originally a transplant from Merrie Olde England (where there are ghosts galore), Keith is a Tour Guide at Dahlonega Walking Tours. The retired Royal Air Force veteran claims to have been visited by many spirits in his time... admittedly mostly those distilled from grains and berries, and as a skilled amateur craftsman with many years of practice in the ancient art a making beer, Keith also provides a rich background of brewing knowledge to the Boos and Brews Pub Crawl.

Now, as a gentleman of leisure (in other words, "retired") Keith enjoys telling tales, both short and tall, of the amazing paranormal activities in Dahlonega.

"My first experience with the supernatural", he recalls "was in a converted hut on a now-abandoned airfield on the outskirts of Worcester, England. There was one area of the hut that always raised the hairs (back when I still had them) on the back of my neck. Later, I discovered that the hut was bombed during the war, and several people were killed."

Keith also enjoys conducting the evening Ghost Tours for our guests, adding that the best tours he's led were those in the late Fall and Winter, when the light rains and foggy evenings add the perfect complement to the stories he relates.

Keith Bates

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